International Mortgage Service

If you have a query on your existing mortgage(s), please contact our Customer Service Team or refer to the useful information below:

Making a payment

If you hold a domestic account in the country of the currencies below, you can set up Direct Debit.

If you hold a Premier International Account with Lloyds Bank, the below currencies are also available for direct debit. Alternatively, please refer to How to Make a Payment.
Partial repayment
If you wish to reduce your mortgage principal by making a partial after repayment, please complete and return the Partial Repayment Form
Full repayment of your mortgage
If you wish to fully repay your mortgage, please complete and return the relevant form, depending on whether the repayment is from the sale or remortgage of your property or from your own funds.
Switching your loan currency
You can switch your loan currency to any one of the currency options detailed on your Credit Facility Letter. Please make sure you are aware of the potential foreign exchange rate risks if you are switching to a currency different from your property currency.

Call us between 8am to 4pm, United Kingdom time and business days. Alternatively, you may complete and return the Loan Currency Switching Form. Please note that we require your instructions at least 3 business days before your next payment due date. Terms and conditions apply.
Change of security / repayment term
You can request to release your security / return to your original repayment term by completing the Security release / Return to original repayment term form.
Change your contact details
We need your authorisation to update your contact details with us so that you continue receiving important information relating to your account(s) with us.

Changes to Contact Details Form
A fee may be payable for the above services. Please view our schedule of charges for details.